Customize your Results with Dynamic Content Blocks

Dynamic Content Blocks allow you to add sections of content to your quiz results page, providing a personalized experience for your customers. The content displayed changes based on your customers' quiz answers, making each quiz outcome truly unique. They can include formattable text with multiple paragraphs, headings, lists, links, images, videos, buttons and now products.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can set up quiz results or add on product recommendations using dynamic content blocks please check out the following article instead.

Otherwise, if you've already linked your results and you're only looking to add extra content to the page, please continue reading to find out how to set up dynamic content blocks:

Creating Dynamic Content Blocks

Step 1: Inside the quiz flow editor, under the 'Results Page' tab, click on 'Add a Dynamic Content Block'.

You can position these both at the top and bottom of your product results section.

Step 2: Add your text or image content.

Let's say we're creating a skincare quiz - you might want to create a content block letting your customers know what their skin type is based on their answers and offering skincare advice that is suitable for them. We'll use oily skin as an example.

You might also want to upload a suitable image to go along with your informative text.

Step 3: Format your content.

You can format the text, change its color, size and position. You can add multiple paragraphs, create lists, add URL links and headlines.

If you're using images and text you can choose to position the image above, below, on the left or right of the text and adjust the space it takes up by adjusting its width. Please note: we recommend using % instead of a set number of pixels for better adaptability on small screens.

Step 4: Choose the answer that will trigger this block variant. In our example, it's the answers 'Oily', 'Acne' and 'Imperfections'.

Once done, save the content block and preview it inside the quiz flow editor.

To repeat the process for other skin types or pieces of advice you want to share clock +Add More Variants inside the dynamic content block editor.

When to add more variants and when to add more blocks?

Each block represents a section of content. In our example, we want to display a paragraph at the top of the product recommendations with details about the customers skin type.

This would require us to create 1 content block with multiple variants where each variant is a different skin type - for example one variant for oily, one for dry, one for combination skin. Based on the answer sequence assigned to each variant the quiz automatically chooses which one to display.

If we also wanted to display another section at the bottom of the product recommendation with a link to a specific collection we're promoting, then you would set up a second content block as this would be a different section on the page.

Answer Weights

By default, all answers carry a weight of 100. This weight determines how strong a vote an answer is for a particular content block. But we can tweak this. For this example we'll be using the Dynamic Content Block for 'Oily Skin' we created previously.

If we want 'Oily' to carry more weight, we simply increase its value, to lets say 200.

We also want to make sure that our 'Oily Skin' content block is not displayed when a customer has dry skin. For that, we can set the weight for 'Dry' to a negative value of -200.

Now, our 'Oily Skin' content block will be strongly linked to the 'Oily' answer and will not show up for the 'Dry' answer."

Answer weights offer an advanced level of customization, allowing you to guide your quiz results more precisely. Remember, it's an optional feature - use it when you want extra control over your quiz outcomes.

With Dynamic Content Blocks and adjustable Answer Weights, you're equipped to create quizzes that truly resonate with your customers. Dive in and explore these features - your personalized, dynamic quizzes are just a few clicks away.

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