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With Lantern you can translate your flow into any language. We also support right-to-left (RTL) languages.

There are two ways a flow can be translated:

  • Out of the box we offer a growing collection of preset translations.
    Currently we provide: English & Dutch.


  • You can add any language you wish yourself by creating translations.

Creating translations

To add a language, open the app dashboard in the Shopify admin. Go to the Languages tab and click Add language.

After adding a language, you can translate the individual text labels on the detail page.

Setting the flow language

To use a specific language, you have to set it as the flow's language in the editor. Open the "Flows" tab and click on the Pencil Icon next to a flow to open the flow builder.

Within the flow builder, open Theme settings on the bottom left of the page, and select the new language you just created.

You'll immediately see the translated labels in the preview of the editor.

Publish the flow to make the change visible to your customers!

You can do this by clicking on the "Publish" step on the top of the editor, and then click on either "Publish" or "Republish" depending on whether this was your first time publishing your flow.

That's it! Your flow is now available in the language you want.

If you would like your flow to be available in multiple languages, you need to create multiple flows: one for each language.

This guide was last modified on November 16th 2022.

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