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With the integration, you will be able to show product ratings you have collected in in the results.

Api keys

To get started, make sure you have installed the in your Shopify store.

  1. Open the app, go to Settings -> Integrations -> Developers. You will need the Public token, located under API.

    You will need to click Show and then you can copy the code from the Public Token section

  2. Open Lantern from your Shopify store admin. Go to the Integrations tab, click Connect for to fill in the Public Token from the previous step.

  3. You will see a Pop-up in which you need to paste your Public Token and click Connect.

  4. After you click Connect you should see the following Success Message .


If you end up seeing an error like below it means that you are not using the Awesome Judge Me plan so the toggle to Allow platform-independent widgets is off.

To solve this you have 2 options:
  1. Upgrade to the Judge. me Awesome Plan and you can enable the "Allow platform-independent widgets" and then you will receive the Successful integration message in PPF.

  2. THE INTEGRATION STILL WORKS so you don't necessarily need an upgrade in As long as you provide a VALID Public Token from in Lantern even with the error if you click Connect after you receive the error PPF still shows the reviews it pulls from

  3. Because you didn't enable the toggle, we can't confirm and show the successful integration. However, to check that this is working correctly, please go to your quiz and check if products have reviews on the Results Page after you complete the quiz settings below.

Quiz settings

You have now connected the app with To enable showing product ratings in the results, make sure to do the following for each quiz:

  • Edit the quiz using the Quiz Builder. Open the Results step in the left sidebar. Under Result options on the right, make sure to check Enable product ratings.

  • After you tick the option, the preview in the Quiz Builder will automatically change to display some mock review data. This is now your real review data!

You will need to save and publish and go through the quiz using the Preview link and finish the quiz to get to the Result Page. Below you can see our example quiz showing the reviews for each product that show on our Results Page.

That's it! Product ratings collected in will now show up in the results, helping you increase conversion.

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